What is a gerontologist? What Does It Do?

Gerontologist Occupation Definition: In order to increase the quality of life of the elderly, to determine the most suitable living conditions for them, to meet their social and spiritual needs, to determine, control, plan, organize, human resources, accounting, quality and purchasing in the manager, consultant and administrative units. He is the person who performs the functions of senior management in the fields.

What Does a Gerontologist Do (Job Description)

  • Communicates positively with the elderly, conducts business management,
  • Applies hygiene-cleaning rules,
  • Supervises care and rehabilitation practices,
  • Plans activity applications, Keeps records/archives/reports,
  • Conducts qualitative and quantitative research on aging, determines their problems and wishes,
  • Plans, implements and participates in occupational therapy programs for the social support and self-confidence of elderly individuals,
  • Assists the elderly in need of social and physical rehabilitation in the implementation of the planned programs,
  • It helps to increase the communication of elderly individuals with each other and with the society,
  • Counseling the elderly and their relatives about dementia and Alzheimer’s,
  • Prepares old age reports for public institutions and organizations,
  • Serves as an expert in institutions and organizations related to the elderly,
  • Becomes an expert in the supervision of nursing homes for the elderly,
  • Prepares, implements and develops care policies and systems for the elderly,
  • Special service plans for the elderly who are in good mental health, who are bedridden or who require special attention, support and protection due to physical and mental regressions,
  • Plans and provides home care services to the elderly who are not suitable for institutional care,
    Tools and Equipment Used in the Profession of Gerontologist
  • Activity program schedule schedule,
  • Nutritional value table, Information forms for the elderly,
  • Questionnaire forms, Health information forms,
  • Computer and calculator, Cd, Tv, Video,
  • Fax, photocopy, telephone, slide and projection machines
  • All other office supplies and equipment

General Features Required by the Gerontologist Profession
Those who want to be a gerontologist; – Able to speak in a smooth and fluent language,

  • Energetic, innovative, creative and sociable,
  • Ability to mobilize groups,
  • Verbal ability
  • Developed communication skills,
  • Have leadership qualities
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Enhanced sensing power,
  • Prone to teamwork
  • Relating to human health and biology,
  • Able to empathize with the elderly and their relatives
  • Tolerant, patient,
  • Able to plan and implement a job
  • Careful and attentive to his work,
  • Responsible people should be open to cooperation and personal development.


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