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Shoe-makers and related workers make and repair standard or special footwear and, except for leather garments, hats and gloves, make natural or synthetic leather articles, such as luggage, handbags, and belts, or participate in the manufacture of shoes and related goods.

Tasks include –

(a) making patterns to guide the cutting of shoe parts;

(b) cutting out, preparing and fitting together shoe parts;

(c) sewing shoe parts together;

(d) making standard or orthopaedic footwear to individual requirements;

(e) making other special types of footwear to order;

(f) examining and finishing footwear;

(g) repairing footwear;

(h) making and repairing articles such as saddles and harnesses for animals, luggage, handbags, brief-cases, leather bags and other accessories;

(i) cutting out, shaping and padding parts for making leather articles;

(j) sewing and stitching leather parts by hand or machine;

(k) performing related tasks;

(l) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:




Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Machine-operator, shoe production 8266

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