Radiologist – 221 0-61.20

Medical doctors conduct research, improve or develop concepts, theories and operational methods, and apply preventive or curative measures.

Tasks include –

(a) conducting research into human disorders and illnesses and preventive or curative methods;

(b) conducting medical examinations and making diagnoses;

(c) prescribing and giving treatment for diagnosed illnesses, disorders or injuries;

(d) giving specialised medical or surgical treatment for particular types of illnesses, disorders or injuries;

(e) giving advice on and applying preventive medicine methods and treatments;

(f) participating in the development and implementation of public health laws and regulations for safeguarding and promoting the health of a community;

(g) preparing scientific papers and reports;

(h) performing related tasks;

(i) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Doctor, medical





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