Rabbi – 2460 1-41.20

Religious professionals function as perpetrators of the sacred traditions, practices and beliefs and celebrate or administer at the rituals of initiation, preside over ritual reenactments of creative, redemptive or salvatory events, and offer sacrifices to the gods or to one God.

Tasks include –

(a) perpetuating sacred traditions, practices and beliefs;

(d) conducting religious services, rites and ceremonies;

(c) undertaking various administrative and social duties, including a ending committees and meetings of religious organisations;

(d) providing spiritual and moral guidance in accordance with the religion professed;

(e) propagating religious doctrines in own country or abroad;

(f) preparing religious sermons and preachings;

(g) performing related tasks;

(h) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:



Minister, religion

Monk, professional

Nun, professional




Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Monk, associate professional – 3480

Nun, associate professional – 3480

Preacher, lay – 3480

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