Quarrier – 7111 7-11.10

Miners and quarry workers extract solid minerals from underground or surface mines or quarries.

Tasks include –

(a) extracting coal, ores and other solid minerals from underground or surface mines;

(b) extracting granite, limestone, slate, flint or other kinds of rocks from quarries;

(c) setting and operating machines which cut channels or drill blasting holes into the open face of mines or quarries;

(d) cutting, fitting and installing wood or steel props, pillars and arches to support walls and roof of underground workings;

(e) collecting samples of coal or ore for laboratory analysis;

(f) extracting chalk, clay, gravel or sand from open pits;

(g) performing related tasks;

(h) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:



Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Machine-operator, drilling/mine – 8111

Machine-operator, mining/continuous – 8111

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