Painter, decorative – 7324 9-39.20

Glass, ceramics and related decorative painters decorate articles made of wood, metal, textiles, glass, ceramics and other materials, and plan, lay out and paint letters and designs to make signs.

Tasks include –

(a) painting designs on articles with a brush, by spraying, or by transferring designs using stencils, transfers, rubber stamps and other means;

(b) applying, for decorative purposes, paint, glaze, enamel, stain, varnish, lacquer and similar materials on articles by spraying or dipping;

(c) coating mirror glass with silver solutions;

(d) laying out and painting letters and designs to make signs;

(e) performing related tasks;

(f) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Enameller, glass

Painter, decorative


Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Machine-operator, painting/ceramics – 8131

Machine-operator, painting/glass – 8131

Painter, building – 7141

Painter, manufactured articles – 7142

Painter, vehicle – 7142

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