Painter, construction – 7141 9-31.20

Painters and related workers prepare surfaces of buildings and other structures for painting, apply protective and decorative coats of paint or similar materials or cover interior walls and ceilings of buildings with wallpaper, silk or other fabrics.

Tasks include –

(a) cleaning and preparing walls and other surfaces of buildings for painting or wallpapering;

(b) applying or spraying paint, varnish, shellac and similar materials to surfaces, fixtures and fittings of buildings;

(c) measuring and mounting wallpaper, silk or other fabrics on interior walls and ceilings of buildings and ships;

(d) applying or spraying paint, red lead, bituminous emulsion and similar materials to ships’ hulls and metal structures, steel frameworks of buildings, bridges and metal constructions;

(e) performing related tasks;

(f) supervising other workers in this group.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Painter, building


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