Navigator, flight – 3143 0-41.40

Aircraft pilots and related associate professionals control the operation of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, in order to navigate aircraft for transporting passengers, mail and freight and perform related preflight and in-flight tasks.

Tasks include –

(a) flying and navigating aircraft in accordance with established control and operating procedures;

(b) preparing and submitting flight plan or examining standard flight plan;

(c) controlling the operation of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and ensuring that all instruments and controls work properly;

(d) applying knowledge of principles and practices of flying in order to identify and solve problems arising in the course of their work;

(e) performing related tasks;

(f) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Engineer, flight

Navigator, flight

Pilot, aircraft

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Instructor, flying – 3340

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