Machine-operator, armature production – 8211 8-51.90

Machine-tool operators operate and monitor automatic or semi-automatic metalworking machines which perform repetitive work and are set up by machine-tool setters.

Tasks include –

(a) operating and monitoring one or more machine tools such as lathes, stamping presses, power shears, metal-bending, milling, planing, boring, drilling, grinding, honing or metal-sawing machines which may be numerically controlled or linked by an automatic-transfer machine ;

(b) performing related tasks;

(c) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Lathe-operator, capstan/metalworking

Machine-operator, boring/metal

Machine-operator, machine tool

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Setter, machine-tool – 7223

Setter-operator, machine-tool – 7223

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