Labourer, cattle station – 9211 6-24.20

Farm-hands and labourers help with farm work by performing a variety of simple farming tasks.

Tasks include –

(a) digging and shovelling to clear ditches or for other purposes;

(b) loading, unloading various crops and other materials;

(c) raking, pitching and stacking hay;

(d) watering and weeding;

(e) picking fruit, vegetables and various plants;

(f) helping with planting, harvesting and general farmwork;

(g) feeding, watering, and cleaning animals and keeping their quarters clean;

(h) performing related tasks;

(i) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Labourer, farm

Picker, fruit

Some related occupations classified else where:

Shepherd – 6121

Farm worker, skilled/field crops – 6111

Farm worker, skilled/livestock – 6121

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