Keeper zoo – 6129 6-24.90

This unit group covers market-oriented animal producers and related workers not classified elsewhere in Minor group 612, Market-oriented animal producers and related workers.

For instance, here should be classified those who are engaged in breeding, raising and tending wild mammals, game birds and other birds, snails, non-domesticated fur-giving animals, snakes and other reptiles, as well as various insects and animals used for laboratory tests, for sale or delivery on a regular basis to wholesale buyers, marketing organisations, zoos and circuses, or at markets. Here should also be classified those who look after or train animals in animal reserves, stables, zoos, circuses, research organisations, animal homes, and similar institutions.

In such cases tasks would include –

(a) buying or setting up necessary buildings, open or sheltered space, equipment, etc., and maintaining them;

(b) determining kinds and amounts of animals to be raised;

(c) purchasing animals, growing or purchasing food and other supplies;

(d) breeding, raising, feeding and tending animals;

(e) killing and skinning animals, and preparing animals or animal products for market

(f) storing and carrying out some basic processing of their produce;

(g) protecting animals, especially in animal reserves;

(h) training animals for racing, circus performances and the like;

(i) delivering or marketing products;

(j) performing related tasks;

(k) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Breeder, bird

Breeder, game bird

Breeder, laboratory animal/mice

Breeder, lion

Breeder, snail

Farmer, fur/non-domesticated animals

Keeper, animal reserve

Keeper, zoo

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Game-warden – 5169

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