Illustrator, technical – 3118 0-32.70

Draughts persons prepare technical drawings, maps and illustrations from sketches, measurements and other data, and copy drawings and paintings onto printing plates.

Tasks include –

(a) preparing and revising working drawings from sketches and specifications prepared by engineers and designers for the manufacture, installation and erection of machinery and equipment or for the construction, modification, maintenance and repair of buildings, dams, bridges, roads and other architectural and civil engineering projects;

(b) operating computer-assisted drawing equipment to create, modify and generate hard-copy and digital representations of working drawings;

(c) operating digitising table or similar equipment to transfer hard-copy representation of working drawings, maps and other curves to digital form;

(d) using stereo instruments to capture topographical data in analogue or digital form, and using these and other data to prepare and revise topographical, hydrographic, utility and other thematic maps;

(e) preparing and revising illustrations for reference works, brochures and technical manuals dealing with the assembly, installation, operation, maintenance and repair of machinery and other equipment and goods;

(f) copying drawings and paintings onto stone or metal plates for printing;

(g) performing related tasks;s

(h) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:


Draughtsperson, architectural

Draughtsperson, cartographical

Draughtsperson, engineering/civil

Illustrator, technical

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