Illustrator, advertising – 3471 1-62.20

Decorators and commercial designers apply artistic techniques to product design, interior decoration and sales promotion.

Tasks include –

(a) designing industrial and commercial products, including new types and styles of clothing and accessories, and endeavouring to harmonise aesthetic considerations with technical and other requirements;

(b) creating interior decorating schemes and planning furnishings for homes. public buildings, ships and other places;

(c) designing and painting stage scenery;

(d) tattooing decorative designs on client’s skin;

(e) creating and executing artistic effects for use in show windows and other display areas;

(f) performing related tasks;

(g) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Decorator, display

Decorator, interior

Designer, fashion

Designer, industrial products


Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Architect, interior – 2141

Artist, commercial – 2452

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