Hammer-smith, precious-metal articles – 7313 8-80.90

Jewellery and precious-metal workers make and repair jewellery and precious metalware, cut and set gems and engrave designs on jewellery and precious metal articles.

Tasks include –

(a) casting jewellery and other non-ferrous metal articles by hand;

(b) making complete jewellery articles such as rings, brooches and bracelets;

(c) cutting and polishing gems and setting them in jewellery articles;

(d) making and repairing precious metalware;

(e) rolling and beating precious metals; engraving letters and designs on jewellery and precious metalware;

(g) performing related tasks;

(h) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:

Enameller, jewellery



Setter, gem


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