Hammer-smith – 7221 8-31.20

Blacksmiths, hammer-smiths and forging-press workers draw wire, hammer and forge bars, rods, ingots and plates of iron, steel or other metals to make and repair various kinds of tools, metal articles, pieces of equipment, agricultural and related implements.

Tasks include –

(a) heating metal in forge furnace and manufacturing and repairing articles by drawing, bending, cutting, hammering metal on an anvil, punching, shearing, joining and hardening or tempering;

(b) shaping heated metal into forgings on power hammer equipped with open dies;

(c) operating closed-die drop hammer to forge metal articles;

(d) operating a power-press machine equipped with closed dies to forge metal articles;

(e) drawing wire;

(f) performing related tasks;

(g) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:


Drop-hammer worker

Forging-press worker


Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Machine-operator, casting/metal – 8122

Machine-operator, machine-tool – 8211

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