Game-warden – 5169 6-49.90

This unit group covers protective services workers not classified elsewhere in Minor group 516, Protective services workers.

For instance, here should be classified those who patrol buildings and areas to prevent illegal entry, theft, violence and other unlawful acts, and who, if necessary, use force to prevent such acts and apprehend perpetrators, as well as those who act as bodyguards, life-guards or game-wardens.

In such cases tasks would include –

(a) patrolling buildings and areas to prevent theft, violence, infractions of rules or other irregularities;

(b) if necessary, exercising the right to use force and to apprehend.perpetrators;

(c) performing the duties of a bodyguard;

(d) patrolling beaches and swimming pools to prevent accidents and to rescue bathers from drowning;

(e) patrolling natural reserves, game parks, forest areas and enclosures to prevent theft and killing of game;

(f) performing related tasks;

(g) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:




Patrolman, security

Patrolwoman, security

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Doorkeeper – 91 52

Guard, museum – 9152

Watchman – 9152

Watchwoman – 9152

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