Economist – 2441 0-90.10

Economists conduct research to improve or develop economic concepts, theories and operational methods used to understand and describe the behaviour of national and international markets for goods, services and labour, and advise on or apply the knowledge to draw up economic policies and to formulate solutions to present or projected economic problems.

Tasks include –

(a) studying, advising on, or dealing with various economic aspects, such as production and marketing methods, national and international trade trends, monetary, fiscal and pricing policies, employment, income, productivity and consumption;

(b) compiling, analysing and interpreting economic data using economic theory and a variety of statistical and other techniques;

(c) advising on economic policy and course of action to be followed in the light of past, present and projected economic factors and trends;

(d) preparing scholarly papers and reports;

(e) performing related tasks;

(f) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:



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