Cable worker bridge – 7215 9-72.60

Riggers and cable splicers erect tackle for lifting and hauling,’ or install and maintain cables, ropes and wires on construction sites, oil- and gas-well drilling sites, or in ships, aircraft, and other places.

Tasks include –

(a) setting up various types of cages, funicular railways, aerial cableways, moving platforms, lifting tackle and other hoisting equipment for moving passengers, workers, materials, machinery and other heavy objects in mountainous areas, across deep gorges or fjords, about workshops, shipyards, or other locations;

(b) joining, repairing and fitting attachments to wires, hemp ropes and cables;

(c) installing and repairing ropes, wires and cables on ships and aircraft;

(d) working as member of crew erecting and repairing derricks for drilling water, gas- and oil-wells and installing cables, hoisting and drilling equipment;

(e) working as member of cable crew fitting and installing wire cables in the construction of suspension bridges,

(f) performing related tasks;

(g) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:


Rigger, ship

Splicer, cable and rope

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Machine-operator, splicing/cable and rope – 8290

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