Cabinet-maker – 7422 8-11.20

Cabinet-makers and related workers, by using tools and woodworking machines, make, decorate and repair wooden furniture, wheels or other wooden parts of vehicles, wooden fittings, patterns, models and other items such as pipes, wooden skis, shoes, or sports racquets and sticks.

Tasks include –

(a) making and repairing wooden articles, such as cabinets and other furniture, using woodworking machines and hand tools;

(b) making and repairing wooden vehicles, wheels or other wooden parts of vehicles;

(c) making and repairing wooden articles, such as patterns, scale models and mock-ups, casks, tobacco pipes, wooden skis, shoes or sports racquets or sticks;

(d) decorating furniture and fixtures by inlaying wood, applying veneer and carving designs;

(e) finishing surfaces of wooden articles or furniture;

(f) performing related tasks;

(g) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:




Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Carpenter – 7124

Joiner – 7124

Machine-operator, furniture production – 8240

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