Accountant, chartered – 2411 1-10.10

Accountants advise on accounting matters and perform accountancy services or audits.

Tasks include –

(a) advising on, planning and installing budgetary, accounts controlling and other accounting policies and systems;

(b) preparing and certifying financial statements for presentation to management, shareholders and statutory or other bodies;

(c) preparing tax returns, advising on taxation problems and contesting disputed claims before tax officials;

(d) preparing or reporting on profit forecasts and budgets;

(e) conducting financial investigations in such matters as suspected fraud, insolvency and bankruptcy;

(f) auditing accounts and book-keeping records;

(g) performing related tasks;

(h) supervising other workers.

Examples of the occupations classified here:


Accountant, chartered


Some related occupations classified elsewhere:

Assistant, accounting – 3434

Bookkeeper – 3433

Clerk, accounts -4121

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