What is an Epidemiologist? What Does an Epidemiologist Do?

What is an Epidemiologist? What Does an Epidemiologist Do? What is the Epidemiologist Profession code? What is the job description?
Epidemiologist Profession Definition: It is a qualified person who investigates the causes of the health problem or disease and the causes of its spread, reveals the causes of health problems and reveals the necessary measures to be taken to prevent the health problem or disease.
What Does an Epidemiologist Do?; In line with the general working principles of the enterprise, by using the tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with the occupational health, safety and environmental protection regulations and the productivity and quality requirements of the profession:
a) To investigate the causes of diseases and health problems and health-related conditions in the society and to develop protective methods accordingly,
b) To identify the population group exposed to a health problem or disease,
c) To reveal the natural development of diseases,
d) To carry out studies to determine the health levels of societies, to examine the changes in time and to compare them with other societies,
e) Evaluating clinical research results,
f) Evaluating the effectiveness of health services,
g) To determine the risks of people encountering certain health problems, etc. performs duties and operations.
Epidemiologist Profession Code: 2212.56
Profession Main Group:
Professional Members of the Profession
Occupation Sub-Main Group:
Professionals Related to Healthcare
Profession Group:
Medical Doctors
Occupational Unit Group:
Specialized Medical Doctors
Minimum Education Required:
Current Occupation:

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