What is a Yacht Builder? What Does It Do?

What is a Yacht Builder? What Does It Do? What is the Yacht Builder’s occupation code? What is the job description of Yacht Builder?

Yacht Building Technician Occupation Definition: He is the person who prepares and implements the design, production, drawing, assembly, maintenance and quality control tasks of yachts and assists engineers and technicians in all these stages.
What Does a Yacht Building Technician Do?; In line with the general working principles of the enterprise, by using the tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with the occupational health, safety and environmental protection regulations and the productivity and quality requirements of the profession:

a) Preparing a project using research methods,
b) Planning the process of establishing a business,
c) Drawing a computer aided ship,
d) Applying material shaping techniques,
e) Making yacht surface operations,
f) Drawing computer aided yacht pictures,
g) Building composite yachts ,
h) Making ship models,
i) Carrying out operational activities,
j) Making geometric drawings and making appearances,
k) Making and editing two- and three-dimensional drawings,
l) Preparing materials for production and cutting,
m) Surface smoothing, making drilling operations,
n) forming the materials,
o) preparing the Model Template and assembling the model,
p) Making yacht bottom, side and deck construction,
q) Making support elements,
r) Making waterproof partitions,
s) Making yacht hardware elements,
t) Making bar, kitchen and cockpit furniture,
u) Drawing yacht bottom side and deck construction,
v) Drawing the connections of yacht equipment,
w) Preparing composite yacht mold and making quality control,
x) Drawing cabin, cockpit, bar and galley wheelhouse, etc. performs duties and operations.

Profession Main Group: Technicians, Technicians and Assistant Professionals

Occupation Sub-Main Group: Associate Professional Members of Science and Engineering

Occupational Group: Physics and Engineering Sciences Technicians

Profession Unit Group: Technical Painters

Minimum Education Required: Secondary Education (High School and Equivalent)

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