What İs a Typewriter? What does it do?

What is a Typewriter? What Does It Do? What is the Typewriter Occupation Code? What is the job description?

Typewriter Profession Definition: A person who writes on paper or other material on a typewriter.

What Does a Typewriter Do?; In line with the general working principles of the enterprise, by using the tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with the occupational health, safety and environmental protection regulations and the productivity and quality requirements of the profession:
a) Examining manuscripts and other written documents, records taken from a dictation machine or other sources, and correcting any typos,
b) Selecting the paper or material according to the characteristics of the text to be written, inserting it into the typewriter and correcting the papers that are not inserted properly by pulling on the loosening latch,
c) Adjusting margin, stripe and line spacing,
d) To follow the text or draft to be written with one’s eyes,
e) To write in accordance with the correspondence technique by pressing the keys with the fingertips,
f) At the end of the typing job, removing the text from the typewriter,
g) To compare the manuscript with the original or the draft,
h) To determine the errors and deficiencies in the article and to ensure that they are corrected,
i) Ensuring that the text whose control is completed is sent to the relevant person or service,
j) To maintain and clean the typewriter machine,
k) Writing the wax papers required for duplicating works in the machine,
l) Can do office work,
m) Can make arrangements according to the written material or machine, etc. performs duties and operations.

Typewriter Profession Code: 4131.01
Profession Main Group:
Staff Working in Office Services

Occupation Sub-Main Group:
Office Staff Using Keyboard With General Office Staff
Profession Group:
Operators Using Keyboards

Occupational Unit Group:
Typewriters And Word Processing Operators

Minimum Education Required:
Primary education

Typewriter Image Source: Typewriter photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

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