What is a Jewelery Repairman? What Does It Do?

What is a Jewelery Repairman? What Does It Do? What is a Jewelery Repairman Occupation Code?
Jewelery Repairman Occupation Definition: A person who repairs jewelery items such as rings, pins and necklaces.
What Does a Jewelery Repairman Do?: In line with the general working principles of the business, by using tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with the occupational health, work safety and environmental protection regulations and the productivity and quality requirements of the profession:
a) Enlarging or reducing the diameter of the rings with a saw,
b) For this, add parts to the rings or cut parts from the rings and solder the ends,
c) Repairing broken parts of broken clips, pins and other jewelery by soldering or replacing them,
d) Reshaping the jewelery according to the patterns or the instructions given,
e) Fixing solder joints and rough spots,
f) Can make jewelery item, etc. performs duties and operations.
Jewelry Repairer Occupation Code: 7313.09
Profession Main Group:
Craftsmen and Related Workers
Occupation Sub-Main Group:
Employees in Crafts and Printing Related Jobs
Profession Group:
Craft Workers
Occupational Unit Group:
Those Working in Jewelery and Precious Metals Related Jobs
Minimum Education Required:
Primary education
Profession Detail Information
Current Occupation:

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